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Focus on Industry · Connect deeply | TIPark China Trip 2019 Ends Perfectly

TIPark China Trip 2019 ended perfectly on August 21, in which the delegation consisting of representatives from 12 quality projects in the U.S.A., Britain, Singapore and South Korea visited four cities including Beijing, Taiyuan, Chongqing and Yancheng. The conncetion effect of the activity is significant and wins unanimous praise from the projects.

Targeted partnerships between capital and enterprises

This trip involved biomedicine, artificial intelligence, intelligent manufacturing, new materials, industrial Internet of Things and other fields. The projects were grouped according to respective fields, targeted professional investors from respective fields were invited for profound partnering, to ensure effective one-to-one connection

At this event, local enterprise representatives were invited to discuss with the delegation and the delegation was arranged to visit the unicorn companies such as CouldWalk (artificial intelligence), Zhengyikang Biotech Company (biomedicine), Jinneng Photovoltaic Technology Co., Ltd. (clean energy), Shanxi Huana Technology Corp, Shanxi F.D. Technology Co., Ltd., China Yuci Ocean Hydraulic Co., Ltd. in Jinzhong, Shanxi Keshuo Automation Machinery Co., Ltd., etc.

Establishment of knowledge system for projects to be settled in China

During this trip, various activities, such as basic knowledge and cross-border legal knowledge training for projects to be settled in China and Startup Grind’s experience sharing for overseas enterprises to settled projects in China were organized to help establish an all-round knowledge system for overseas projects to be settled in China.

In-depth analysis of local policy by government

Local governments in Taiyuan and Jinzhong in Shanxi Province, Liangjiang New District in Chongqing and Tinghu Distrct in Yancheng paid high attention to the event, and many representatives from the departments including investment invitation bureau, economy and information bureau, science and technology bureau and land and resources bureau attended the project partnering meeting and analyzed local supporting policy from all respects.