2017-2020 National High-tech Enterprise
National Co-working Spaces
National Hi-tech Incubator
National Small and Micro-business Innovation Demonstration Base
National SME Public Service Demonstration Base
First Batch of National Youth Entrepreneurship Demonstration Park
National University Student Entrepreneurship Demonstration Park
  • China's Top 10 Innovative Enterprises in Industrial Space Operation
    China's Top 30 Industrial City Operators

  • First Quality Projects of China 2016-2017
    Shanxi's Tech Business Incubator
    Shanxi's first batch of EI Demonstration Base
    Shanxi's SME Entrepreneurship Base
    Shanxi's Outstanding Service Provider of 2018

  • Beijing's first batch of Co-working Spaces
    Zhongguancun's Innovation Incubator
    Haidian District's Centralized Office Area for Hi-tech Startups

  • Shanxi's Tech Business Incubator
    Shanxi's Co-working Spaces

  • Qingdao's Tech Business incubator
    Qingdao Overseas Student Business Park
    Marine Talents’ Entrepreneurship Center

  • Qingdao's first batch of EI Community
    Laoshan District's Women Entrepreneurship Demonstration Base

  • Most Influential Industrial Park 2013
    China's Outstanding Park of Independent Innovation 2017

  • Shanxi's Co-working Spaces
    Jincheng's Co-working Spaces

  • Tianjin's Tech Business Incubator

  • Tianjin's Co-working Spaces

  • Shanxi provincial co-working space