TICapital, an investment and financing platform built by THTI, is registered in the Asset Management Association of China (AMAC) to focus on the early equity investment and scientific research achievement transformation. At present, headquartered in Beijing, THTI has branches or professional staff in Qingdao, Tianjin, Taiyuan and other places to manage a number of equity investment funds and achievement transformation funds.

TICapital has a professional investment team for long-term research and tracking in strategic emerging industries such as new-generation information technology, energy saving and environmental protection, high-end equipment manufacturing, biomedcine and new materials. It has accumulated a large number of portfolio companies in seed stage and growth stage.

Submission of business plan:

  • Qingdao Guolin Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd

    GEM Stock code:300786

    Representative enterprise of national ozone industry, global ozone system supplier

  • Fujian MR Fiber Joint Co., Ltd.

    New OTC Market Stock code:834720

    Production of environmental protection biological fiber, polyester fiber and synthetic fibers

  • Qingdao Novel Beam Technology Co., Ltd.

    Leading enterprise in precision biometrics

  • Shandong Lianke Technology Co., Ltd

    Produces 100000 tons of fine white carbon black series products and 200000 tons of solid sodium silicate products per year

  • Guangxi Seven Color Pearlescent Material Co., Ltd

    New OTC Market Stock code:832080

    Owns the industry-leading invention patent of synthetic mica

  • New East New Materials Co., Ltd

    IPO Stock code:603110

    Engaged in the production of raw materials in China's soft packaging industry

  • XRC Environment Co., Ltd

    New OTC Market Stock code:870984

    Dedicated on waste collection, harmless treatment and comprehensive utilization of resources

  • Beijing Jutongda Technology Co., Ltd

    Focuses on comprehensive information technology services

  • Qingdao Doright Co., Ltd

    Specialized in providing solutions for carbon black equipment’s energy saving heat exchange and waste heat recovery and utilization

  • Zhonghai Ocean Science & Technology Co., Ltd

    Specialized in production and marketing of Marine protein and its derivatives and Marine oil and its derivatives

  • Qingdao Zhongkehualian New Material Co., Ltd

    Engaged in R&D, production and sales of complete production equipment of wet lithium ion battery separator

  • Hongxiang New Geo-material Co., Ltd.

    New OTC Market Stock code:835517

    Engaged in geosynthetics, filtration and composite materials, etc.

  • Beijing Invispower Co.,Ltd

    The world's leading provider of wireless charging solutions

  • Qingdao HSJ Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd

    Professional manufacturer dedicated in VOCs treatment

  • Qingdao Haitong AI Co., Ltd.

    Focuses on the development of intelligent driving system for medium and low speed electric vehicles

  • Jinan Bangying Information Technology Co., Ltd

    Third-party matchmaking and trading platform dedicated to helping students find courses and institutions recruit students

  • Seer English (Beijing) Educational Technology Ltd

    Exclusive long-term companion Canadian foreign teachers, student-centered personalized oral English teaching platform

  • Robei LLC

    Integrated circuit design company founded by overseas engineers from Silicon Valley

  • Chayouai Intelligent Internet Technology Co., Ltd

    Focuses on vehicle system and vehicle application software

  • Shenzhen VVFLY Electronics Co., Ltd. 

    Focuses on management of sleep disordered breathing system disease